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A Quiz a Day

A Marketing Bugle Quiz makes it SO easy to create a quiz, I was blown away. Not a quiz that just asks one question and always takes the entrant to the same outcome. Having Marketing Bugle create your quiz easily allows you to create different paths and outcomes based on how people answer.

"Anyone that knows marketing will realise that getting little (micro) commitments from your audience is a hugely powerful thing..."

How much easier would it be to make sales if people TOLD YOU what they most desired?

​How much faster could your business grow if you were getting up to 500% more leads?

​How much more fun and profitable would it be to write e-mails to subscribers if you could see inside their head and know EXACTLY which pain points would make them buy?

​Let me tell you: lots, lots, and LOTS.

​The good news? You can do all this with one amazing marketing tool.

Quizzes Are Insanely Effective, But When One Of The World’s Leading Conversion Experts Tried One Out… In One Of The World’s Most Competitive Niches… Not Even He Saw This Coming!

A Quiz Increased Lead Capture By 500%

Even Neil Patel can improve his lead gen. And here, he did it by using a quiz.

​And this isn’t even a ‘viral’ quiz designed for tons of shares.
It’s on a serious subject, in a serious niche, and it still boosted sign-ups by 500%.
(Look for ‘The Beginners Guide To Interactive Content’ to check out the post about it on his blog).

The Most Shared New York Times Article Ever... A Quiz
What do you think the most-shared NYT article ever would be?
A long-form, highly researched expose on something that affected the country? A juicy piece of celebrity gossip?
Who’s inline to be the next Pope? Nope ...
It’s a quiz on how people speak. And it was so successful, it’s now become a hardback book.

Marketing Bugle create this type of quiz among others. By only showing the participant to the appropriate page, based on their answer, you give them exactly what they want.

You can use 'points' to score a paricipant's answers or straight answers that can enable you to place the participant onto the appropriate follow-up email sequence. Using quizzes in certain ways can really boost your business profits.

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