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Bugle Pal – Fun Marketing Getting Results

Bugle Pal Promo

Sample Bugle Pals ...

(turn on your speakers)

This is an 'Exit Intent' Avatar.  Click link to visit page and then pretend to leave the page by moving your mouse away to the top of the browser to click a new Tab, just like a real visitor may do:

The first two are basic generic Avatars with a Call to Action in each case:

Generic female:

Avatar but with MY voiceover using my script:

Prize Draw announcement using Avatar and human voiceover:

Avatar using website host's script for the Call to Action:

A button is made to appear with this, rather comfortable, Avatar reading our script:

This is a human being - I love the way he walks into view:

Promote local business:

Local Event:

Pub Restaurant Menu and email list:

Local Bands with video:

This example shows how you can have your Avatar appear on AFFILATED pages, too.

In this example, I send people to an email marketing service.  The link leads them to the website under MY affiliate ID so I gain commissions when anyone signs up.

You can do this on most websites, review page or Social Media recommendations.

This is a great add-on to your business.

If anyone has good ideas of how to benefit from Avatar marketing, then do get in touch.  You can test them for free.

They are the best 'Attention Grabbers' ever used in marketing, for sure.

Talking Avatars Proving a Winner

Over the past two weeks I have been rigorously testing a new system that creates Avatars that overlay your website.

These 'characters' can be made to say whatever you want them to say (see examples by clicking the links below) and are a great attention grabbing add-on to your marketing campaigns.

The links created can be used on Facebook and, for the first time ever, actually work on mobile phones and mobile devices.  As you know this is almost impossible to program but our coders have done us proud and managed to achieve it.

You can use buttons for your visitors to click on, forms for them to enter their email address into, videos to play at the end of the Avatar's announcement, have 3D Avatars and we even have human beings with generic announcements just because we can 🙂

The Avatar voices are computer generated but you can also use your own voice with your own script.

If you would like to try an Avatar on your website and Social Media accounts, please get in touch and I'll arrange it.

They can operate from all pages, homepage or specific posts and pages on your website.

Some businesses have come up with ingenious ways to make the best use of them so, get your thinking cap on and let's create an avalanche of sales or sign ups to your email list 🙂

I've named this service Bugle-Pal as you can create a friend for your business.

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