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Deal Zapper Sells YOUR Business Offers Online

Deal Zapper is here, click the image on the right to see a basic example of what you can display to your audience. You can either run your deal(s) from the Marketing Bugle servers and have traffic sent to it from Social Media or, indeed, run your own platform whereby you can take orders from…

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You Need Help

What can we do for YOUR business? Improve your Facebook posts by creating short videos which gain more interaction. Broadcast LIVE video to your account to gain more reach. Bigger audiences make more signups and sales 🙂 Improve your email marketing to get more opens and more link clicks to your sales pages. Check your…

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Bugle Pal – Fun Marketing Getting Results

Sample Bugle Pals … (turn on your speakers) This is an ‘Exit Intent’ Avatar.  Click link to visit page and then pretend to leave the page by moving your mouse away to the top of the browser to click a new Tab, just like a real visitor may do: The first two are basic…

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Push Notifications

Push Notifications Builds a Subscriber List FAST Done-For-You-Internet offers any business the exciting ‘Push Notification’ technology.What is this?It’s a little like when you have an App on your Smartphone and where the vendor could send you notifications directly to your phone and so guarantee that you would see the message.Response rates to these types of…

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October 2016 saw the launch of our exciting new and unique marketing tool, Bugle Ad-Loop. It’s where the client chooses a page and their promotional message can appear on that very page, no matter where it is. Existing clients have been running campaigns, as well as us at Done-For-You-Internet, and the results have been nothing…

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Pubs & Restaurants

Pub Restaurants can gain by investing in a monthly ‘Care Plan’ from Done-For-You-Internet. Day to day, there is a constant need to promote this type of business but, where you can leave it all to us, online. Rather than pay out large fees for event promotion when they occur, it’s much more affordable and, indeed,…

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Sales Funnels

Sales funnels are created from the elements that make up the process of getting a potential client, having them subscribe to your email list, for example, and then ending up buying from you … again and again. This may involved website building, special website ‘Landing’ page creation, email marketing, Social Media posting, surveys and much…

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Online Courses

One of the hottest platforms online at any time are Online Courses and, therefore, they are the one of the biggest money-earners for those who create such. Once you have uploaded your course onto any paid platform and it starts to sell, you know you’re onto a winner so, this is when you turn to…

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WordPress Websites

But WordPress is FREE I hear you cry … yes, it is on but they also allow business users to have a paid-for solution which is far more powerful and which has become the most used website building platform on the planet. It is easy to use and is designed to attract the search…

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