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Digital Bugle Marketing Magazine – Get Yours Free

Although selling for £120.00 per year elsewhere, here’s your chance to grab your downloadable copy of a leading Internet marketing publication that brings you usable advice every issue, for free. Digital Bugle is packed with guidance on the very LATEST strategies and tactics that get results for businesses all around the world when advertising online.…

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Deal Zapper Sells YOUR Business Offers Online

Deal Zapper is here, click the image on the right to see a basic example of what you can display to your audience. You can either run your deal(s) from the Marketing Bugle servers and have traffic sent to it from Social Media or, indeed, run your own platform whereby you can take orders from…

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Discover Why You are Never Too Old to Create Your Own Products

One of the fastest and most profitable ways to generate an income online is to create your own products. The idea of creating a product often stirs up mixed emotions in seniors. They may wonder if they’re even worthy of creating a product. After all, they’re old and who is going to buy what they…

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Just In Time Webinar

Automate your webinars – See The Impressive Difference In Conversions Brand New Technology Turns Any Video Or Any Recording Into A Just-In-Time Webinar That Has Proven To Increase Show-Up Rate to 70-80% And Bring In Money On Complete Autopilot. Perfect For Today’s ‘Netflix-Loving’ Times That Gives Audience Full-Control Over Content Consumption. Host Facebook live webinars…

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A Quiz a Day

A Marketing Bugle Quiz makes it SO easy to create a quiz, I was blown away. Not a quiz that just asks one question and always takes the entrant to the same outcome. Having Marketing Bugle create your quiz easily allows you to create different paths and outcomes based on how people answer. “Anyone that…

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You Need Help

What can we do for YOUR business? Improve your Facebook posts by creating short videos which gain more interaction. Broadcast LIVE video to your account to gain more reach. Bigger audiences make more signups and sales 🙂 Improve your email marketing to get more opens and more link clicks to your sales pages. Check your…

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Webinar Automation

Get More Reach – Get More Signups! Don’t waste your webinars. We can program them to run ‘Live’ or on a replay schedule Run EVERY Webinar Like a Live Webinar Here’s a quick demo of a signup promo page in order to have people give you their name and email to register for your online…

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Bugle Pal – Fun Marketing Getting Results

Sample Bugle Pals … (turn on your speakers) This is an ‘Exit Intent’ Avatar.  Click link to visit page and then pretend to leave the page by moving your mouse away to the top of the browser to click a new Tab, just like a real visitor may do: The first two are basic…

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Business Marketing Publication

Join in the fun with Avatars that speak to your audience and introduce sign up forms, videos, Call to Action buttons and more to your potential customers while visiting your chosen web pages and Social Media.  See page 19 for details. 5 proven strategies to reach mobile users, how to maximise your Facebook reach, 7…

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GIF File Creation

The single most popular format on Social Media has to be GIF images. Those attractive images that appear to show a short moving picture. These are ideal for using for linking to your chosen destination pages when your potential customer clicks the image or post-link. Also, many email clients won’t play video by default or…

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