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Video Production

You Need Help

What can we do for YOUR business? Improve your Facebook posts by creating short videos which gain more interaction. Broadcast LIVE video to your account to gain more reach. Bigger audiences make more signups and sales 🙂 Improve your email marketing to get more opens and more link clicks to your sales pages. Check your…

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Online Course Creation

Take Your Existing Offline Course …Then Convert It To Online! We turn your offline presentation into a slideshow We add images We add audio and voiceover, if required We turn your slideshow into a video Optionally, add intro/outro Create accompanying documentation for students to download We can host your online course for you People pay…

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Webinar Automation

Get More Reach – Get More Signups! Don’t waste your webinars. We can program them to run ‘Live’ or on a replay schedule Run EVERY Webinar Like a Live Webinar Here’s a quick demo of a signup promo page in order to have people give you their name and email to register for your online…

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Video Sales Letters

Slideshow Videos Get Better Responses This simple technology creates very powerful slideshow videos. We call it Bugle-VSL (Video Sales Letters). It also creates promo slideshow videos for your business. Finally, you can even create a complete online courses when you give Bugle-VSL your script, images and documents which can then be placed on our online…

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Bugle Pal – Fun Marketing Getting Results

Sample Bugle Pals … (turn on your speakers) This is an ‘Exit Intent’ Avatar.  Click link to visit page and then pretend to leave the page by moving your mouse away to the top of the browser to click a new Tab, just like a real visitor may do: The first two are basic…

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Live Video Streaming

Guarantee More Viewers With profits up by 78%, Facebook seem to have cornered the advertising market. Why? Because it works for end-users. But, if you would like to reach more people on your ‘ordinary’ posts, then it’s a good idea to use the Facebook Live Video process. Since being introduced, Facebook have been very generous…

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In-stream Video Ads

Brand New Technology YOUR Business Ads Inside The Most Popular Videos Examples of In-stream Video Ads   Example 02 – Testimonials appearing over promo video Ad before main Video Example 03 – Whiteboard video with Life Coaching Video Ad placed inside   Example 05 – Instructional main video with Prize Draw promo Ad inserted at…

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GIF File Creation

The single most popular format on Social Media has to be GIF images. Those attractive images that appear to show a short moving picture. These are ideal for using for linking to your chosen destination pages when your potential customer clicks the image or post-link. Also, many email clients won’t play video by default or…

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Pubs & Restaurants

Pub Restaurants can gain by investing in a monthly ‘Care Plan’ from Done-For-You-Internet. Day to day, there is a constant need to promote this type of business but, where you can leave it all to us, online. Rather than pay out large fees for event promotion when they occur, it’s much more affordable and, indeed,…

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Whiteboard Promo Videos

Whiteboard promo videos are one of the highest converting video types available. You have probably seen the hand poised and ‘writing’ the text and ‘drawing’ the graphics on such videos.  Music and voiceovers often accompany them. Using Whiteboard promo video technology has proven to get your message viewed and your ‘Call to Action’ button clicked…

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