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Deal Zapper Sells YOUR Business Offers Online

Deal Zapper is here, click the image on the right to see a basic example of what you can display to your audience.

You can either run your deal(s) from the Marketing Bugle servers and have traffic sent to it from Social Media or, indeed, run your own platform whereby you can take orders from your clients and set up their deals for them.

Any Special Offers or Meal Deals (or anything to be honest) can be displayed on its own page that hosts Share buttons, payment button and can also display a countdown timer, which is great for creating urgency to buy.

Run Your Own Groupon, DealFuel or AppSumo Type of campaigns from your own page or from our servers!

Be in control with Deal Zapper
Be in control with Deal Zapper

What You Get With 'Deal Zapper' ...

Unbranded custom short URL
Run 20 simultaneous campaigns
Built-in image library
Youzign integration
“Embed anywhere” technology
3-step Deal creation and automation system
Deal-chaining functions
Automated countdown timers
Unit based sales
Visual deal editor
Developer Rights for Client campaigns*
Support from Marketing Bugle
*Attracts extra fee when used for your own clients but 100% of sales profits are yours to keep.

Be like Groupon, DealFuel and AppSumo and create your own deals for you and/or your own clients.
(Max 20 campaigns running at once)

3 Simple Steps to running your campaign
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