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Direct Live Links

Direct Live Links, especially from some Social Media platforms are often difficult to create, if it can be done at all.

The ideal scenario is that, when someone clicks on an image in your post, it takes them to your chosen landing page.

Done-For-You-Internet can have your images in, say, Facebook so that they do just this.  In some cases, Facebook kindly allow your images, be they GIF, videos, png, jpeg etc. to be  ‘clickable’ but, in the cases that they don’t, Done-For-You-Internet can usually make this happen.

Why is this so useful?

When a post is Shared, it’s all very well another person reading it and liking it but, how about if, when they clicked upon it, they were taken to your sales or sign-up page?  That is the value of having Live Links.

These links work particularly well in our In-stream Video Ads where your advertisement can play inside another main video.

By linking the post to our specialist software using the Social Media’s API, we can enhance any of your posts for you.

Imagine your video playing and where a button shows over the images but, instead of the viewer having to make a manual note of the links, they just press or click on it.  Now that IS powerful.

Live Link
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