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Facebook Lead-Gen

Every now and again, Facebook add an option to their Ads features that allows users to get cheaper clicks and yet gain more customers.

Last June they activated 'Lead-Generation' Ads but there was a major flaw for us marketers.  This has now been overcome and those jumping on board now are reaping the rewards, big-time!​

Amongst all the things I do for businesses, I also run Facebook PPC (PayPerClick) Ads which is a very complex thing to achieve if they try it themselves.

Invariably, they lose money.

However, Facebook Ads are one of the most powerful ways to sell on the Internet, when done correctly, due to the huge and accurate database that they are running in the background.

The database contains all the data on all the users (billions of users are online, every day).

I’ve been running Facebook Ad campaigns for around 2 years but, since June 2015, they have introduced a new option whereby you can generate leads with just one click (or 2 if you count the ‘confirm’ button) and the user does NOT need to enter their details … they are collected automatically from their account details.

This is a breakthrough for marketers as, before this, you had to send them to a special page, get them to fill in their details and then ask them to confirm, once they signed into your email list.

There is only one flaw with the new system. It collects email addresses and names (and, optionally, other details as well) but cannot add the person to your email list. To add them is a long drawn out process that you have to complete for each person who clicks into your Ad.

This is where the exciting thing happens. I am one of very few who can automate this process.

Each person who responds by clicking the ‘Confirm’ button on the Facebook Ad is automatically added into your email subscriber list and go on to be sent your whole series of auto responder sequence emails.

This grows your list super-fast and gets you selling quicker than ever before via Facebook.

I have just picked up the licence to use the software that achieves this.

In tests that others have completed, the lists grow faster and the Ads cost less, per conversion, than any other advertising method on the Internet.

We’re not sure how long Facebook will allow this to continue but it’s certainly worth getting businesses on board to reap the rewards. They normally allow 18 months to two years after releasing a new option before ‘tightening’ the rules and putting prices up.

Contact Martyn Brown for more details.​

Grab Lead's email Quicker by Removing Extra Steps

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