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In-stream Video Ads

Brand New Technology

YOUR Business Ads Inside The Most Popular Videos

Examples of In-stream Video Ads


Example 02 - Testimonials appearing over promo video Ad before main Video

Example 03 - Whiteboard video with Life Coaching Video Ad placed inside


Example 05 - Instructional main video with Prize Draw promo Ad inserted at start


Example 07 - Orchestral main video with promo Ad for musical DVD inserted

Example 08 - Using an inspirational main video to insert promo Ad near start

In-stream Video Ads

Frequently Asked Questions

Can my 'Buy Now' or 'Download' button be placed onto the screen so, when someone clicks it, they get taken to my own website page?

Yes.  The button is live at all times and can lead to anywhere you please.

How long should my In-stream promo video be?

Ideally just a few seconds to a minute works best. A couple of the demo videos above are much longer but the shorter ones seem to get the most click-throughs.

Do I have to make my own videos?

No, they can actually be another video from Youtube or Vimeo or anyone else's 'outside' video (ask their permission to use it, of course) to play inside the 'main' video.  Your call to action or testimonials can be added before it goes Live.

See below regarding Marketing Bugle creating promo videos for your business.

Is the video source page secure?

Yes it is HTTPS:// now and so videos can be played from iFrames on any other secure website, perfectly.

The link you give me for my videos is very long, can I shorten it?

Yes.  However, we use Google's URL Shortener by default now as we are linked directly through their API so, it won't be necessary for you to shorten it.

You can also cloak your links to hide affiliate urls.

Do we get to know the stats of our promo video Ads?

Yes, for example, at the time of writing, the Prize Draw video has received 31 main video views, 29 video Ad views, 5 people clicked the Call To Action button that appeared and 9 people clicked the 'Skip Ad' button at some stage.  

We would send you your own video stats with your campaign, of course.

Aren't you violating copyright by running our In-stream Promo Videos over other people's videos?

No. When a person uploads their video to Youtube or Vimeo, they are handing over all rights to Google and Youtube. So their video may be embedded and/or Shared on any website, anywhere at any time.

Also, your promo video is NOT edited into their video, it's simply played separately on the screen so no violation occurs at any point. We use the Google API under their current Terms & Conditions.

However, you are welcome to ask the video owner if it's alright to play their video on your website and Share it on Social Media etc. where, of course, they won't mind because that's exactly why they uploaded it in the first place. You are, in fact, helping to promote their video at the same time as yours ... it's another way of Sharing online.

Will this system allow for playing my videos in an email?

Marketers do not recommend attaching videos to emails or linking them in a way that they play inside of an email client.  There are technical reasons for this and, indeed, marketing reasons.  

However, we can supply you with a GIF file that LOOKS like a video playing inside of an email which, when clicked upon, takes the person to their web browser for the video to then play normally.  The destination can also be your Blog or any website page.

Does this system play on Mobile devices?

In-stream video Ads are designed to play on desktop computers or laptop computers and the 'Mobile' function is usually switched off. When switched on, the videos do play on some mobile devices but not all. As this software wasn't designed to play-out on mobile devices, the fact that it does on many of them is not a bad thing.

To be totally honest, there is no software that does what this product does but no software that has clickable links (buy buttons, download buttons etc.) overlaying video, will work on all mobile devices due to limits put in on purpose by the mobile phone manufacturer.

When testing the software, click-through rates were much higher using our system than creating ordinary text, image or video posts for websites and Social Media, even though we were monitoring just desktop and laptop computer use.

Can I post to Social Media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email and Pinterest?

Yes, we give you a link to use in an email, we give you an embed link for use on websites and where the link can be placed into any Social Media account.

If we are made 'Admin' of your Social Media account, we can post directly from our software on your behalf.

How many In-stream video Ads can we run with you?

It's simply £45.00 to £90.00 for each Ad campaign creation, depending on complexity.

How do I add my customer testimonials to my campaign's video Ad?

Send us the text you would like to appear in the testimonial that appears on screen, with a small image of the customer's face, if appropriate.  See Example Video 02 to see what this can look like.

Is this In-stream Video system the same system as the Bugle Ad-Loop ReDirect links that you provide?

No, it is separate but they can be used together.  For example, the links we create for you in this programme can be used for the Bugle Ad-Loop slide-in Ads.

How much notice do we need to give you to book an In-stream Video Ad?

The longer, the better, especially for time sensitive events but as little as 72hrs is usually all we need, depending on the length of the booking queue.

Can you make up promo In-stream Video Ads for us to use in this programme?

Yes.  We can make up short Whiteboard promos with music and voice-over, image slide show with effects or text based Ads.  Outside of the Pilot Scheme, this is a paid-for service.

How long can we keep a campaign running?

If it's bringing you in new subscribers and selling your product or service for you, keep it running.

We review each campaign after a fixed number of months to see if it needs adjusting, pausing, enhancing and so on. The number of months a campaign runs for and the fee is pre-agreed. An ongoing successful campaign is allowed to continue for as long as it is working for you.

Is your branding watermarked on our videos?

No, the campaigns belong to you.  

If our branding appears on any video, it's due to an agreement between us and the client (charity videos often carry our logo).  

Do I keep all the profits made from using your In-stream Video service?

Yes, you keep 100% of all the profits, we take no percentage whatsoever.

I haven't got my own business yet so, how do I earn money from using In-stream Videos?

By joining Affiliate schemes like Amazon affiliates, Clickbank or, indeed, ANY form of commission based service. They are free to join.

When someone buys through your link, you get paid a commission.

So you can create a 'review' video, for example and have it playout over a Youtube video all about the product. Because the link in your video uses YOUR affiliate link, you get paid when they buy the product or, if it's on Amazon, you get paid for EVERYTHING they buy, even if it's a £10,000 TV. Nice work 🙂

Can I promote CPA services and offers through your programme?

Yes you can and it works very well. You do need to check the vendor's T&Cs first, though to ensure they allow this type of advertising. They normally do but it's best to know up front before you invest.

Cost Per Action (CPA) offers pay you when a person takes an action via your link, for example, £10.00 per click. Simply place the link we give you into your campaign and it'll start working for you.

What if somebody complains about me using their video?

See the copyright question above but, you could just swap their video for a similar one from Youtube or Vimeo. We will swap them for you at no charge.  This, however, has never happened as you are actually promoting their video for them, which is what they'll want you to be doing.  Your audience will be a new audience for them and will be creating more exposure.

Can I feature a pop song published on a record?

If the video is a main video from Youtube or Vimeo, this is fine as it comes under the Vimeo or Google Youtube licence but you cannot use copyrighted music in your In-stream Video Promo Ad without the permission of the copyright holder.  If in doubt, just ask them.

Can I make changes to my video once it's been launched?

Yes.  If you find the video is performing poorly after you have posted your links around the Internet, we can swap it out for a different one up to the agreed number of months.  You don't pay again until you either launch a new campaign or, indeed, extend the current campaign.

I've seen your promos for this programme but can't get my head around why I would use it for my business. Can you explain?

We've all seen Youtube videos and, pretty-well, expect to see Ads pop up during the presentation.

We either watch them or 'Skip' them once the countdown timer allows us to (usually after a few seconds).

This is because Google don't want you to have to sit through an Ad that you are not interested in.

The system works VERY well and earns Google (who own Youtube) a lot of money ... billions of dollars, in fact.

They charge a high rate for advertisers to advertise in this way and where they need to bid on high valued keywords to get their Ad even shown. This is all after their Ad being accepted by Google... if it is.

YOUR advantage is that there are no high fees to use our service that appears to place the same kind of, so called, In-stream Video Ads into other people's (or your own) videos on Youtube or the Vimeo platform.

You simply tell us which video you'd like as the 'main' video to show behind your Video promo Ad. We do the technical stuff and then send you the appropriate links to post on Social Media and web pages etc..

Or, you can use our programme to send your potential visitors to an affiliate program offer and gain commissions when they buy via your link. This can earn you a passive income if they pay monthly fees for a membership, for example.

Advertising in this way (Video Ads inside 'main' videos) gets better conversions than most other methods of advertising online and so it's worth running one or more campaigns to benefit from the trend.

It's probably best to just try it and see the amazing results, to realise the potential of using this strategy.

My In-stream Video Ads running in Facebook open a new tab or window when clicked. Why is this?

It's a better way of getting more click-throughs.

Facebook hasn't the technology built in to allow Live-Linking inside videos, BUT by opening a new window or tab in your browser, we can still add live links that work perfectly and the screen size is bigger, too. Also, they don't lose their place on your page 🙂

Are you going to make ongoing improvements to the programme?

Since piloting in early April 2017, Marketing Bugle have already requested improvements and, indeed, these have been implemented. The software that creates the campaigns has already been thoroughly tested by the coders but, as always, Marketing Bugle will perform their own tests to their own clients.

Our system are uniquely built from tried and tested successful components to make up an entire programme. Nobody else can offer this programme as it is made up of our bespoke components that are not available generally.

This is ongoing and improved upon at all times. When things change on the Internet (as they always do) we can change quickly and only use the very best strategies that we KNOW are working well for other business users.

Even as I write, the In-stream Video Promo programme is going to have a major boost with an amazing feature add-on. It just gets better all the time, for our clients.

Why do you have the 'Skip Ad' feature?

Users are expecting the In-stream Video Promos to have this as it's always been there. Don't think that, because someone skips your Ad that it's a bad thing. You don't want to have people view all through your promo if they are in no way interested in the content ... so let them move on.

However, if they ARE interested, then you have a good and solid 'qualified' potential customer who has proven their worth by viewing and clicking your Call To Action button.

There is an option to NOT have the Skip Ad button appear, though.

I'm getting tons of traffic from my campaign but few sign-ups. What's going on?

Is the traffic you're sending appropriate for what you are offering as a lead-magnet?
It sounds like they are clicking your link expecting to find something but, what they are expecting isn't there. Try changing your description in the video or changing your Landing Page to match what they are expecting.

I prefer to use my own video cover-image, can this be done?

Yes, send us your image and we'll add it at no extra charge.

Why do some clients have free use of some of your programmes?

Any client on a monthly 'Care Plan' get the add-on programmes at no extra charge.

What is the best way to ensure I make the most of my campaigns?

Create a video Ad that is short and to the point with a strong Call To Action. Longer videos do work but the short ones get the most clicks, by all accounts.

Ensure you choose an appropriate 'main' video to run your In-stream Video Promo Ad inside. The more popular and fitting it is, the better your results will be.

Try running split-tests between different versions of your campaign videos. Then run the most successful ones more often on more platforms.

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