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Done For You Internet

Online Course Creation

Take Your Existing Offline Course ...
Then Convert It To Online!

  • We turn your offline presentation into a slideshow
  • We add images
  • We add audio and voiceover, if required
  • We turn your slideshow into a video
  • Optionally, add intro/outro
  • Create accompanying documentation for students to download
  • We can host your online course for you
  • People pay you to take your online course
  • We can create promo videos for your course(s)

After all the hard work of creating your offline presentation, how about turning it into an online course so that students can pay you to take it.

Your course can be sold over and over.  You can even create more courses whenever you can and let Marketing Bugle convert them into online slideshow video courses.

We use text, images, music, voiceovers, intros, outros, promo videos and more to ensure your course is a success online.  We can even host it for you so that you can get paid while your clients learn.

Get in touch with Done-For-You-Internet for more details.

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