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Direct Live Links

Direct Live Links, especially from some Social Media platforms are often difficult to create, if it can be done at all. The ideal scenario is that, when someone clicks on an image in your post, it takes them to your chosen landing page. Done-For-You-Internet can have your images in, say, Facebook so that they do…

Music Radio Business Support

‘Supporting’ a hospital radio show and/or an online radio station show can be a real boost for your business.  Done-For-You-Internet are able to syndicate your music radio show across the UK or, even, the world whereby you get up to four mentions each hour.  The radio shows are produced and then go into ‘Show-Sharing’ which…


Done-For-You-Internet never forget that marketing, although moving online almost in its entirety, is still required in the offline world. To this end, we can print your fliers, newsletters, posters, books, community magazines and business stationery etc. at very affordable prices. Using only the very best quality offline printers, Done-For-You-Internet ensures you get the best bang…

email Marketing System

Probably the most powerful marketing system on the Internet is email marketing. This is where Done-For-You-Internet started some years ago when we were just a mere newsletter (named ‘Working Hours’ newsletter) back in the 1990s. Everything changes but email is as strong as ever for keeping in touch with potential customers, forming a relationship with…


In recent years we’ve largely ignored creating online surveys, apart from the odd research project, that is.  It is very useful to ASK your customers what they think, especially when you are working on a new product or service. However, after being involved heavily in the testing of a new online survey creator (many times…

Facebook Marketing

One of the most effective ways to reach your target audience is by using PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing and there are none better than the Facebook platform to achieve this. So many people use Facebook, including other business owners, that your own business target audience are highly likely to be there and ready to…

Whiteboard Promo Videos

Whiteboard promo videos are one of the highest converting video types available. You have probably seen the hand poised and ‘writing’ the text and ‘drawing’ the graphics on such videos.  Music and voiceovers often accompany them. Using Whiteboard promo video technology has proven to get your message viewed and your ‘Call to Action’ button clicked…

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