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Pubs & Restaurants

Pub Restaurants can gain by investing in a monthly ‘Care Plan’ from Done-For-You-Internet.

Day to day, there is a constant need to promote this type of business but, where you can leave it all to us, online.

Rather than pay out large fees for event promotion when they occur, it’s much more affordable and, indeed, effective when you spread costs over the full year.

For example, a one minute promo video may cost around £1000.00 to have produced but, if you’re in a monthly plan, there is no more to pay … no shock invoices or hidden fees.

From month to month, you may need all kinds of online tools in order to have your marketing work for you and keep bringing in new customers, plus keep your existing customers coming back.

DoneForYouInternet will be monitoring your online advertising 24/7 so you can relax and get on with running your business.  We’ll send in the new customers each time.

You’ll have access to Customer Loyalty programmes, promo videos, Social Media posting, ALL of our specialist marketing tools ,email marketing systems and much more.  All with a personal service that you’ll enjoy.

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