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Push Notifications

Push Notifications Builds a Subscriber List FAST

Done-For-You-Internet offers any business the exciting ‘Push Notification’ technology.

What is this?

It’s a little like when you have an App on your Smartphone and where the vendor could send you notifications directly to your phone and so guarantee that you would see the message.

Response rates to these types of notifications has always been higher than with other forms of messaging as you are popping up right in front of the very person’s eyes who are already qualified to be interested in what you have to say.

Recently, Internet browsers like Apple’s Safari, Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox have started to allow these, so called, Push Notifications. Microsoft’s Edge will soon follow suit.

This is good news for those who regularly want to get their message out to the masses and KNOW that they are going to see the message, unlike an email that may lay hidden in someone’s junk folder or in with a mass of other emails in the inbox … all fighting to be, at least, opened.

My Done-For-You-Internet service, called BuglePush can install this feature in your website and run it for you so that you keep in touch with your customers or potential customers. It can also add them to your existing email list.

It works by showing a label to the visitor when they visit your website or webpage.
It asks if they would like to receive such message from you. Usually the response rate is very high for this type of thing, especially if you offer some kind of ‘reward’ for them saying YES.

You can then either take their email address and send them to any page or simply say Thank You and let the Push Notifications take over. In the Done-For-You-Internet system, you can pre-programme a number of Push Notifications to get them started and this has proven very useful.

Or you can simply send out a Push Notification every so often, manually.
These can be for letting subscribers know when you have updated your Blog or to send them to your latest Special Offer. I let people know when my latest newsletter is out, give them free downloadable gifts, any Call To Action or latest news. The ideas are almost endless.

Used sensibly, Push Notifications do actually work very well. They don’t display those annoying pop up Ad type blocks but, rather, simply notify, just like a Facebook update does in your bottom right hand side of the screen.

Push Notifications can be sent to phones via their browser, tablets, PCs and Macs.
Once a person has subscribed, they won’t see your request for them to join again. They can also unsubscribe at any time, just like with your email newsletter.

Once your list grows, you can segment it and send out notifications to specific people.

For example, if you only want those people who clicked on a specific message or went to a specific page, you can do that. Maybe you have a message for Mac users only, again, you can contact just them. If you have something appropriate to those who live in America, you can ensure only the US residents will receive it, and so on.

In our tests, response rates have been high, especially if you’re driving traffic to your site from advertising. As long as your Push Notification offer is appropriate to that audience, it will convert well.

I have been integrating this new BuglePush programme in with the recently launched BugleCall programme and they do work excellently together.

The power of rewards for points, points for referrals and Push Notification/email marketing is incredible and that’s why we are introducing it to every one of our clients.

If you would like to get involved in order to get more customers and sales, contact me, Martyn Brown, at Done-For-You-Internet, today.

Push Notifications
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