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Webinar Automation

Get More Reach - Get More Signups!

Don't waste your webinars. We can program them to run 'Live' or on a replay schedule

Webinar Stats Example

Run EVERY Webinar Like a Live Webinar

Here's a quick demo of a signup promo page in order to have people give you their name and email to register for your online workshop or webinar:  Click to view demo.

How It Works

We add your existing video presentation to our automated system.

Give you a URL and you advertise that you are taking registrants for your webinar.

People respond to your posts or Ads and sign up.  Your email marketing system can take delivery of all the people's contact details who sign to attend the event.

At the stated time, the webinar starts as though it was Live.

Attendees can ask questions that you will be able to reply to, no matter where you are … it's done via email.  The attendee's question is sent to you but, when you hit 'Reply, you are replying to our system and our system posts your reply into the attendee's webinar window.

At any time during the webinar, your 'Handout' or giveaway can be made available and clicked to be downloaded etc..

At the end of the webinar, your attendees can be redirected to ANY page you program.

Then the video presentation will be scheduled to replay for those who either missed it or would like to see it again.  They will of had to have registered in order to view it again or view it if they simply failed to attend the 'Live' session.

In the meantime, you are advertising the 'Live' webinar again to NEW potential customers.  This can be repeated on a daily basis, if you would like to.

The process is simple, has proven to increase email list building and where you can even sell right off the webinar with products, services, upsells, bonuses and offers etc. etc..

Contact Done-For-You-Internet today for more details.



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